From the idea to the final product

Industrias Teysa has made a great effort to change and adapt its structure in order to provide a greater involvement in the production process, from the design to the production of finished parts, meeting our customer’s specifications.

This means that we are able to arrange the engineering and purchasing of external materials and services, such as wiring, electric assemblies, composites materials, prepreg, cast, mechanical and electronic components that we do not do in our own facilities.

In every case, all these pieces and components go through a strict quality control, before and after being assembled.


Our aim is to take full responsibility of the coordination of every process until the delivery of a finished product, instead of letting this task to our customers. Thanks to this, our client can rely on one supplier instead of having to deal with many companies and its delivery schedules. To meet this objective we have formed a team which is highly experienced in purchasing and technical advising and we also have a wide base of national and international suppliers of proven prestige.